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Step into K9 Studio’s GrooVRtron 360 dance simulator and dance off against your favorite Cartoon Network characters, from the classic Johnny Bravo to the newcomer Steven Universe. Just be careful when going for that high score not to overload the system!

Disclaimer: Best viewed in headset!

Subscribe to the K9 Studios Youtube Channel: http://bit.ly/2dG9TPK

K9 Studios on Twitter: http://bit.ly/2du2wKe
K9 Studios is a High School Animation studio based in Sacramento, CA, comprised of students from the Sheldon High School animation program. K9 Studios is dedicated to teaching arts, media, and entertainment in an authentic studio setting: students create their own projects and engage with industry professionals to create genuine work experience for students interested in film, animation, and video industries.

Watch Shoe Wars: http://bit.ly/2di4QFA
Watch Deep Trouble: http://bit.ly/2de3mjx
Watch Nail’d: http://bit.ly/2de3dwF
Watch The Walking Dead VR Experience: http://bit.ly/2dOAdZg
Watch Can’t Stop the Feeling: http://bit.ly/2mN612E

Thanks for technical help by VRiety Shows:http://www.vrietyshows.com/#welcome

All artwork drawn by K9 Studios
All characters original property of Cartoon Network
Music by Steve Aoki

K9 Studios is an animation course offered at Sheldon High School, in Sacramento, CA. All content produced is for educational purposes.

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