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تاريخ الرفع : يوليو 8, 2021-10:53 ص

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New LGBT drama series. On Stella’s first day back at school, teacher Jade warns she’s on her last chance – any more trouble and Stella faces expulsion. But when Brayden discovers Ingrid is missing will Stella help? Meanwhile Dani tries to get over Ingrid by rekindling with her ex-girlfriend Freya.

Want to know what happened to Ingrid? What the complete season 2 NOW: https://bit.ly/2LeQZof

If you enjoyed the opening song in this week’s episode check out the 2 X Confused YouTube channel for more of their music: https://youtu.be/ZCUebIMS8kI

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Stella: Akasha Collins
Dani: Kelsie Adelaide
Freya: Lin Yin
Brayden: Caylen Forbes
Heidi: Madelyn Sheahan
Tabby: Georgia Crisfield-Smith
Jade: Dominik Shields
Ed: Beaudene Perussich
Ruby: Olivia Wright
Xander: Peter Tran

Creator: Ric Forster
Producer: Melanie Rowland
Sound Recordist: James Stepien
Additional Sound Recordist: Yosuke Koyama
Additional Camera: Operator David Franjic
Post Production Sound Mixer: James Stepien

Costumes Supplied by: Dangerfield
Theme Song by: Two X Confused

This production was made possible with support from the Community Broadcasting Foundation.

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