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Watch the Apple Special Event and learn about the latest updates for Apple Watch, iPad Air, and more.

To watch the event interpreted in American Sign Language ASL please click here: https://youtu.be/1oUbl7a6i0Q

Introduction 00:00
Apple WATCH 02:15
Apple Fitness+ 28:42
Apple One 36:28
iPad 38:26

“Rise Up” by The Freedom Affair http://apple.co/TheFreedomAffair
“Hey bb!” by binki http://apple.co/binki
“Swim” by Young Echoes http://apple.co/YoungEchoes
“Go Time” by TYPO.S http://apple.co/TYPOS
“Bass Brain” by Dresage x Hark Madley http://apple.co/DresageHarkMadley
“Possibility Bells” by Ryan Lott http://apple.co/RyanLott
“Crocodile” by Melt Yourself Down http://apple.co/MeltYourselfDown
“On” by Kelly Lee Owens http://apple.co/KellyLeeOwens
“Yret” by Para One http://apple.co/ParaOne
“Pale Blue Dot” by Big Wild http://apple.co/BigWild