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In this episode, we will take you along with us to Hierve El Agua (Oaxaca – Mexico).
We were confused looking at these waterfalls because in Spanish, hierve means to boil. We expected boiling water over the side of a mountain, an endless loop. Instead, Hierve el Agua appeared to be frozen, cascading down the side of a cliff to the valley below.
The name is slightly misleading because the springs aren’t actually boiling. They are heavily carbonated instead, with temperatures varying between 22-26C. To be fair they do spurt out from the rocks like boiling water might. And their nonthermal temperatures mean that swimming is a possibility. Yay!
The site is located about 70 km east of Oaxaca city, past Mitla, in the municipality of San Lorenzo Albarradas, with a narrow, winding unpaved road leading to the site.
We ended the day with an amazing dinner and a relaxing hot shower in the middle of nowhere. Highly recommended! 🙂

Enjoy the ride with us!

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