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In this video I cover a method of completely uninstalling software from Windows 10 & 11 using Revo Uninstaller.


1. Download & Install Revo Uninstaller.


Download and install the latest version of the free or portable version from the developer’s website.

2. Using Revo Uninstaller.

The application layout is simple, right click on an entry on the left and select uninstall.

First, you will be prompted to create a system restore point, and then the built-in application uninstaller will begin.

Once this has finished, you have an option of choosing Safe, Moderate, or Advanced scanning modes, I recommend selecting Advanced and then clicking the Scan button.

First you will be presented with a list of registry entries, click the Select All button and then Delete to remove them.

Do the same for the list of files and folders, once again click Select All and then Delete to remove them.

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