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Warning: this content is not for children, please consider carefully before watching! Thank you! Cleverest Prettiest Robotic Woman
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Today’s Topic : 6 Cleverest Prettiest Robotic Woman In The World
When the industry is growing, robots are being invested with a lot of money from scientists, perhaps, it might take a few decades to invent these robots that have the appearance and actions incredibly similar to humans
Sounds like it only appears in famous action movies like Her, Terminator, Real Steel…
Although they are not as active as beautiful ladies in real life. But these following robotic girls will be even smarter than many people
Number 6: Junko Chihira
Suppose you are a tourist in Japan and want some answers from the local tourist information center. Chances are that your queries could be answered by Junko Chihira, a humanoid robot working in Aqua City Odaiba, a shopping center on Tokyo’s waterfront.
Number 5: Nadine
Imagine you are talking to a customer service agent. Obviously, you assumed that this agent is a human being. Well, your assumption might be wrong!!! You could be talking to Nadine, which is the most humanoid robot in the world! And you could be forgiven for thinking that Nadine is a human as she has a human-looking body with lifelike features.
Number 4: Erica
When you watch the news, you get to know the latest updates from the news anchor. But now, that news anchor might be a robot! If you are in Japan, you might be getting your daily news from Erica, a Japanese robot. Erica was created by Hiroshi Ishiguro, the director of the Intelligent Robotics Laboratory at Osaka University. She is one of the most intelligent humanoids developed in Japan with a special emphasis on her speech capabilities. And while Erica cannot walk, she can easily interact with human beings and change her facial expressions according to the conversation.
Number 3: Sophia
Did you think only humans could obtain citizenship in a country? Well, that’s not true now! Sophia, a humanoid robot developed by Hong Kong based company Hanson Robotics, was the first robot ever to be given citizenship of any country. Sofia is now officially a Saudi Arab citizen!!!
Number 2: Robot Mark 1
Mark has a facial operating system that allows it to move, stretch its eyebrows as well as all the muscles around its eyes like humans. By moving the motors, she can excellently show all of the facial expressions like raising her eyebrows surprisingly or even winking her eyes.
Number 1: Jia Jia
Guess who is called the Robot Goddess of China?! Its Jia Jia, a humanoid robot developed by a team from the University of Science and Technology of China. Jia Jia is considered the most beautiful woman in China and this effect is only increased by the fact that she can talk to people and reply accordingly.
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