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A new Legendary card will appear in South Park Phone Destroyer!
Sheila aka S-Wow Tittybang will be the newest addition to the Mystical theme.

She is a 5 cost Legendary Tank with a charged ability.
When S-Wow Tittybang is charged, she runs to the furthest enemy ground unit in range, knocking back anyone in her way. When she is arrived she taunts nearby enemies.

S-Wow Tittybang stats: (lvl, Health, Attack)
Base lvl 1/1110/44
Max lvl 1/1190/47
Max lvl 2/1679/66
Max lvl 3/2744/108
Max lvl 4/3588/141
Max lvl 5/3943/158
Max lvl 6/4220/174
Max lvl 7/4442/183

Challenge/Friendly: 1110/44

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