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Soma Ghosh, Olivia Fane and Ella Whelan debate the future of sex.

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00:00 Introduction
01:44 Ella Whelan
05:48 Olivia Fane
09:57 Soma Ghosh

Once sex was strictly rule governed, now casual sex is a default option and even publications like Teen Vogue run features on bdsm and anal sex. Yet, large surveys in the UK and US have found actual sex in decline in all age groups and millennials twice as likely to be having no sex than their parents at the same age.

Is the decline in sex the disturbing outcome of our inability to form relationships in an internet age that has supposedly made it so simple? Or is this a positive sign that sex toys and porn are liberating us from unfulfilling sex? Might the future of sex even be outside of our primary relationships altogether?

#CasualSex #OnlineDating #Relationships

Esteemed author and commentator, Olivia Fane, cultural commentator and founder of cult polysexual magazine – The Demented Goddess – Soma Ghosh, and journalist and assistant editor of spiked, Ella Whelan debate one of the most pressing issues of our age. BBC Journalist Sean Curran hosts.

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