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How to do a Twitch giveaway via phone? I teach you how to do a Twitch giveaway using a Nightbot giveaway command! You can set this up via your phone or pc and use it to trigger a giveaway with your phone! This is the easiest way to do a Twitch giveaway via your phone. This is ideal if you stream from console! Best Twitch Tip for streaming on console!

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0:00 – Intro
0:19 – Setup Nightbot On Phone
0:34 – Add Nightbot To Your Twitch Chat
0:39 – Add Nightbot As A Moderator On Twitch Via Your Phone
1:09 – How To Setup Nightbot On PC
1:46 – Check If The Giveaway Command Is Working
2:19 – Who Can Win This Twitch Giveaway?

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