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edion is the best restaurant ordering system software that can operate your business processes and daily activities automatically. As well as, this online restaurant ordering system software can generate reports to evaluate your overall actions.

VEDION – Restaurant Management System | Restaurant POS Software
VEDION is the best restaurant management system with a website and mobile application. The restaurant management system will help to kickstart your restaurant business. You need a business plan and management system to accelerate your restaurant business. You do not need previous experience or single coding knowledge to handle this restaurant management software. You can give this responsibility to haksoft, we have created a cost-effective software for you so that your restaurant billing software or restaurant POS software work together.

What is Restaurant Management System?
Restaurant Management System (RMS) is a versatile software that is a type of point-of-sale (POS) software. It will make your restaurant operation system easy and automated. This is an application that you can use as a computer application or server-based web application or mobile application. It can be used for any type of food business such as restaurants, hotels, bars, bakeries, cafes, food trucks, bistros, delivery businesses, homemade or online restaurant business, etc. It will manage everything from your account billing to staff management and keep the data secure.

Order Management System
An order management system is the most important feature of any restaurant management software. For this reason, Vedion has an effective order management feature that helps to manage orders of customers. As well as, it helps to perform all order related activities automatically. There are 4 different lists for managing orders.

Order list
Pending order list
Complete order
Cancel order

Restaurant POS Software
Restaurant point-of-sale or POS software is a vital component for managing the restaurant order. VEDION restaurant POS will make your business easier to manage your dine-in, walking order, online order and third party food order. VEDION restaurant POS module emphasizes on the latest restaurant, hotel, coffee shop business pattern. Therefore, it will be easier to compete in a competitive market. Hakfood restaurant pos has user-friendly UI and easy navigation system for any type of user. Restaurant POS window has all you need to manage the order at your fingertips. Features of Restaurant POS Software are below:

Take Order from customer
Manage online order
Check food list
Token printing system
Online order notification
Manage on-going order
Assign a customer to a waiter
Find today’s orders
Print invoice for complete orders

QR Code Scanner
QR Scan ordering system is a new technology for restaurants to manage contactless orders from dine-in customers. This module will allow your customer to place an order from seatting on the table by scanning the QR image of your digital menu. QR scan ordering system will allow avoiding direct contact with a customer. With the QR code scanner system, customers can be placing their order more efficiently without taking any help from waiters. It has a cash-on and payment gateway option which will allow the customer to pay their bill smoothly.

Contactless order from the dine-in table
Real-time order update in the POS
Order Accept & Reject option from admin end
Order bill collection via cash or payment gateway.
Existing order edit and update option.
Digital menu system.
Supported by any type of mobile device.
Previous Order remembering option for an existing customer.
Real-time order update status in the customer device.