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Inside of the Apple IIgs computer is a chip called the MEGA-II. Many sources call this an “Apple IIe on a chip.” Turns out, that might be a bit of a stretch. For this build, James shows how he removed the chip from a 1990-vintage Apple IIgs and put it into a custom-designed prototype. Spoiler: It takes more than 1 chip to make a bootable Apple IIe clone, using a combination of original vintage and modern parts: https://bit.ly/3EWI9S4

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#0:00 Welcome to Element14 Presents
#0:56 Overview
#2:42 The MEGA Lie
#4:21 3 Board Design
#6:44 8-Bit Keyboard
#7:44 Why not an FPGA?
#8:23 Sourcing Vintage Parts
#9:34 All The Clocks
#10:59 WDC 65CO2 Turn-On
#13:57 Why No Boot?
#18:21 The Next Phase
#19:42 Give your Feedback

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