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#سيارات_اطفال #العاب_سيارات #اطفال_العاب #العاب_اطفال
شرطة الاطفال – سيارات اطفال – شرطه اطفال – العاب اطفال سيارات شرطة – العاب سيارات للاطفال

Download Game: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.gercek.turkpolisoyunuoyna

Enjoy the real driving in Car Games and Police Games. Get in or out of your car whenever you want. This police game is an open world game. You can interfere with people fighting, disturbing others and causing traffic accidents as a policeman.

Amazing experience for Police Games lovers! Your aim is to arrest all the criminals in the city. Turn your Police car lights and siren on, and then you can start patrolling!

There are 3 maps in the game: ‘’Night’’, ‘’Day’’ and ‘’Rainy’’. You can play these maps simply by clicking on ‘’Play’’ button in your garage. This game developed for car games lovers is completely free to play.

This game is very addictive with its amazing 3D graphics. As police special force, give no chance to criminals, mafias and bandits to commit a crime. Save the city from bad guys and provide security for your citizens! You can use steering wheel or left-right arrows to control the police car.

#العاب_اطفال #سيارات_اطفال #ألعابالأطفال #ألعابالأطفال #baby toy car #العاب اندرويد #سيارة اطفال شرطة

Game Features:
– Realistic Police Car
– Great 3D Graphics
– Diffirent Camera Angles
– Siren Lights
– Horn
– Left/Right Signals
– Police Car Siren Sounds
– Perfect Driving Experience
– Steering Wheel, Gas Pedal, Brake and Gear

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