Why Does “Queer Eye” Hate Disabled People?

In this video, I discuss the episode “Snow White of Central Texas” and its voyeuristic, inspiration p*rn lens. I am extremely disappointed with the “Queer Eye” production team as they had no excuses, but I want this to be a learning opportunity for all the non-disabled people out there who think disability is something to be pitied.

Reactions to the other Inspiration P*rn Episode of Queer Eye:

People react to the disability episode of Queer Eye: Did they get it right?

Queer Eye is about embracing who you are but it’s failed the disabled community

Why the Queer Eye ‘Disabled But Not Really’ Episode Is Dividing Fans

0:00-00:48 Intro
00:49-2:07 What is Inspiration P*rn?
2:08-3:11 Why I Hate ‘Special Needs’
3:12-4:53 It’s Not Just Animals
4:54-8:52 Abled Saviorism
8:53-11:22 Ew Autism Moms
11:23-14:36 Is She Neurodivergent?
14:37-16:22 Not Her, Just the Message
16:23-18:18 Final Thoughts